About Us

We are a team of writers, directors, producers, and executives who are passionate about cinema and dedicated to the success of the next generation of talented Latino filmmakers from all over North and South America. We want to support storytellers who are already passionate about generating narrative content about our communities in the United States and abroad - from inner city Los Angeles, New York, and Miami to the tip of Argentina to Chile, Bolivia, and Brazil, the Caribbean, Central America, and Latinos around the world.

We value all of our stories from tales about revolution in El Salvador to the U.S. Military, from the Pope to the Governors Mansions in three states, to the favelas of Sao Paulo and the beaches of Rio. We want to support you in telling all of your stories. We want to create a platform for the stories that have shaped – and continue to shape – our lives and the communities we live in. We hope that the scripts and films generated will increase the number of Latinos working in the film industry and geometrically increase the number of stories told about our culture in both Hollywood and abroad.


Because Latinos come from a myriad of cultures to form the quilt of our communities and our stories are the stitches that bind us together, we accept script submissions from authors around the world of any sex, sexual orientation, and of any ethnicity, white, black, Latin, Asian, and everything in between. We believe in true diversity.

We are passionate about discovering the next great Latino filmmaker and we love all kinds of stories from studio flicks to art house films. No two souls are the same and no two stories are alike either. As long as your script is about our community or the issues affecting our communities, where ever that community might be, be it in the U.S. or outer space, we welcome your submission. We just want to see Latinos telling more stories and more stories about our communities getting produced.


We want our screenwriting competition to inspire talented Latino storytellers to create great work so that we can have the opportunity to introduce more great films about the Latino experience to the motion picture industry. Our goal is to inspire Latino filmmakers to tell stories so great they inspire the next generation of writers to tell great stories.

Latino's are the fastest growing demographic in the world and we want to get your scripts in the hands of the people who can get them made. That's why we have some of Hollywood’s biggest names on our distribution list. Our winners are read by agents, managers, producers, and representatives at CAA, WME, ICM, Anonymous, Thruline, APA, Paradigm, Gersh, Media Talent, UTA, Abrams, and producers at all of the major studios.

The World's Biggest Latino Screenwriting Competition is Now Accepting Submissions!

We are Latino and we are in the heart of the entertainment industry, Hollywood, California. We work in the business, we live the business, we eat and breathe the business, and we get our winners the exposure they deserve. Our goal is to connect writers with agents, managers, and producers. Most great films are made in Hollywood. Most Award winning films have been made in Hollywood and the majority of Award winning artists live in Hollywood so it makes sense to get your script read by the people who have access to the people who can get it into production! We don’t care where you’re from, be it Spain, South America, Central America, or North America, if you’ve written a great script, we want to read it. Please submit it today!


Winners will be announced in the Spring of 2018