2018's Summer Grand Prize Winner and Finalists

Grand Prize Winner - Summer 2018

100 Degrees by Dominic Abeyta

Finalists - Summer 2018

The Ortiz Sisters by Deborah Louise Ortiz and Frank Besser

The Countertenor by Andrew M. Gomez

Semi Finalists - Summer 2018

When the Mountain Calls by Nancy Guevara

Dreamers by Lew Osteen

Get Jude Married by Guy Quigley

The Treasure of El Chapo by Andrew Gomez

Miss by Judith Robbins Rose 

Iron Border by L.W. Thomas

Desert Eyes by Mike Kallal

Maid in America by Marina Albert

House of the White Bee by Jane Therese


"NEVER BEFORE has a sponsor or judge of a film festival called to congratulate me. NEVER BEFORE has a film festival promoted my work to Producers and clicked me in on the emails. My script has won or placed in a number of festivals and Never Before have I felt as appreciated as the Latino Screenwriting Competition."


"I’m so delighted that LSC has launched a platform to showcase scripts and voices to Latino talent searching for their next project or production. Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity."


"I want to thank you for such a wonderful platform. I am drawn to the South American culture and all the wonderful archetypes woven in her history."